christmas is coming up right?well have u ever thought of whats the greatest present in the whole world that u could give to someone.u know its not all about the presents thats special.well some of u might think that but if u were smart enough to know whats the greatest give in the whole world then give it to that my opinion i think that spending time with your family and having fun with my family on chirtmas is the best give in the whole world.well to dazzel it up a would bring them to a resturant that they want also.but thats the give that i would give to someone or my family on chirtmas.but really thats whats christmas is all about right?spending time whith your family and having fun with them.i understand that that your parents can sometimes embrass u in front of ppl or an embrassment to u right/btw not all parents r though.but come on its christmas!u know youll never know if you're ever gonna get to spend time with them than christmas right?merry christmas!ttyl! p.s. what would be the greatest give u would give to someone tell me